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Sharon’s jewelry is indeed alive. Her stones and metals carry a healing frequency, which often calls to the customer. It is the healing properties of the materials and the prayers and attention that Sharon puts into each piece that create this healing frequency. I wear different pieces of Sharon’s jewelry for different issues and situations. They are indeed blessings.

Vicki Gentler

Energetic and Transformational Healer


My extensive collection of Sharon’s jewelry never fails to reflect her sincerity, warmth and originality. It is a joy to wear casually or for dress up.

Deb Johnson

I have a wide assortment of Sharon’s jewelry. Each piece is unique, a reflection of her creative, warm personality. I am frequently asked who has designed a necklace, bracelet or earrings of hers. She designed a necklace for me to wear at my daughter’s wedding of textured sterling, Austrian crystals and breathtaking pearls. She can do it all.

Judy Henchel

Hi All, I am hosting an afternoon party for the artistic jewelry designer SHARON SCELZA. Although Sharon is in her extremely busy season, she has lovingly agreed to come visit. This allows us the opportunity to be the first viewers of her fine original designs before she heads out on the road for the holiday season. If you have been to one of her shows then you know her work, if you have not then you will be in for a gratifying experience.


Hi Sharon - the necklace is just beautiful and goes perfectly with the dress. Everyone I’ve shown it to (and that’s a lot!) absolutely loves it – as do I. Thank you so much for designing the ‘just right’ beautiful jewelry for this very special day. It will be almost like you’re there sharing this big day with Troy & Meg.

Love, Becky

Every piece of jewelry I select from Sharon’s collection is a treasure to me. I have a Venetian Glass necklace which I absolutely love, several bracelets that I never take off, and an earring and necklace that match and adorn any outfit I select. Her creations are breathtaking, a one of a kind find, and I am honored to be able to view her collection personally and select the finest jewelry around.

Cindy Royer

Wearing Sharon Scelza Designs are like being crowned “Queen For a Day” over the years. I have purchased several bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for myself and as gifts for friends and family. Each stunning piece of her jewelry is exquisitely unique in detail, style and beauty. Sharon’s deep passion, love and inspiration for her work always shines through-She is truly a “Jewel”.

Sara Gregorie

When I wear a necklace, earrings or a bracelet designed by Sharon, I instantly feel beautiful. Perhaps it is because each piece of fine jewelry she designs is so thoughtfully created and distinctive. It might also be because she is a master artist who blends her heart into her work. Another reason could be Sharon’s ability to produce a lasting treasure of heirloom quality. But whatever the reason, I do know that when adorned with Sharon’s jewelry, I feel extraordinary.

Judy Elliot Mead